Every week, I try to type these posts up ahead of time. For a while, I’d been doing it pretty consistently. Last week was a bit hectic, and busy. By the time Friday came around, I was looking forward to this weekend and the opportunity to get “Back on Track.”

That’s when a voice whispered, “What track?”

I didn’t have an answer for that or, more specifically, I had an image in my head of my life as like a kind of train, cruising along on a pair of rails and, every so often, something happens to take me off “track.”

This is, of course, kinda silly, and the metaphor falls apart, especially when you consider what happens when a real train goes off the rails.

So, maybe it’s more like a boat, or a plane, or a space ship… There are no rails. There’s a direction you want to go, and a course you set to get there.

There’s nothing holding you in place. You can go anywhere. The down side is that there’s nothing preventing you from crashing headfirst into a moon (That’s no moon, it’s a space station…). There’s also nothing preventing you from discovering a different path, something you’d never considered, something that might be even better than where you’d originally set out to go.

I tend to think that people are creatures of habit. I know that I sure as hell am. And there’s comfort to be found in routine, doing the same thing over and over, until it becomes habit.

The down side to this is that along with the comfort, there are constraints. Self-imposed, to be sure, but present nonetheless. Going back to the train metaphor, you’re on rails, which speed you along your course, but which won’t allow you to steer.

Now I know that, for most of us, there’s things going on that perpetuate this repetition, and that’s ok. But I submit that, every so often, it’s worth it to take yourself off-course. To steer in a different direction. You never know what you might find – maybe a new course.

See you on Thursday!


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