Getting Myself Off my Back

This is going to be a short one today. I’m just coming off the emotional roller-coaster of Wales beating France to move forward into the 2019 World Cup Semi-Finals – BY ONE POINT!!!

And they only did manage to take the lead within the final six or so minutes of the match. That was a nail-biter.

As I’m coming down from that, my thoughts turned to stuff that I “Should” have been doing. I use quotes here, because Should is a relative term. I’m not on any deadline, for better or worse, my time is my own.

I’m still building characters for Queen’s Will. This takes time, and it’s something that I need to do before I can move on. I know this, but when I see all of the announcements, cover reveals, and cons going on, I want to be There too. I wonder if I could be doing more. Those thoughts eventually turn to me starting to ride myself about what I’m doing with my time.

Certainly, I could be doing more. I could spend all day, every day working on this project, but not only is that not sustainable, it would do more harm that good in the long run.

So this is my note to myself that it’s ok to take time to enjoy things that you love. As long as you’re making progress regularly (Note that “Regularly” isn’t the same thing as “Daily”), you’re doing fine.