Coming into this weekend, the last one of November, I thought I’d covered all of the aspects of my career plan. If you’re interested in reading the series, you can find them here:

Part 1: Not as easy as it looks.

Part 2: Next Steps.

Part 3: Tooting your own horn.

This afternoon, the day after Thanksgiving, when I sat down to draft my Sunday post, I realized that there was one more thing that I needed to cover. Outside of actually doing the work and submitting it, this next thing is – in my opinion – one of the most essential components of my career plan.

Give back to the community that fosters you.

I cannot even begin to list the number of times that the Writing Community has helped – and continues to help – me through the rough patches, and encouraged me during the good times. I would not be where I am without your support, and I am making it a part of my career plan to give what I can back.

This goes beyond buying books (which I’d do anyway because, books!!!). I’m talking about boosting the signals of other authors when they have announcements, cover reveals, sales, or even if they’re having a crappy day and ask for cat pics to cheer them up.

You’ve been there for me, and I am making a point of it to not only pay it back, but to pay it forward whenever I can – on whatever platform.

A rising tide lifts all boats and, even though the act of writing is a lonely endeavor, none of us are living in a vacuum. I want to cheer with you when you’re up, and I’ll have a shoulder for you (or cat picture, if you’d rather) when you’re down.

See you on Thursday (How did it get to be December already???)


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