Quieting the Storm Within

It’s been raining all day.

And not just the cold misty stuff that’s common this time of year either. Outside it’s raining like it means it.

So I’ve been stuck in the house and doing not much of anything this past weekend.

And it’s bothering me.

Maybe, like me, you’ve gotten so used to going, going, going, all the time that when life happens occasionally, and you find yourself with a bunch of nothing to do, it doesn’t sit well.

Don’t get me wrong. I still got my writing done. The idea of putting up a calendar and rewarding myself with little stickers on the days that I got work done seems to be working so far. It’s after the work is done where I need to…work.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to be still. I feel like I should be doing “something” at those times, I mean there’s always something more to do, right?

But being still, refilling the well, is an important task – it’s crucial. The problem is that it doesn’t feel like work – which I suppose is exactly the point.

So one more goal for 2020: Learn to be still. Relax. Quiet the storms within, when the storms outside give me the opportunity.

I’ll see you on Thursday. Be Excellent to each other.


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