Five Things You can Do – Part 4

Three Weeks ago, I started a series of posts – in the spirit of my Five Thing Thursday series about Five things you can do while you’re Self-Isolating.

(Note: Self-isolating, social distancing, and washing your hands are all givens here. As is taking care of yourself and being an extra good human being.)

Quite unexpectedly, things exploded. I had this list of five things and I wanted to offer five recommendations, then I wanted to talk about them all.

It was then that I realized that to cram all that stuff into a single post would not only be asking too much from you, Reader, but it would also muddy the waters for the individual recommendations.

So I decided to break it up into parts and here – before your very eyes – I present Part Four of Five Things you can do while you’re Self-Isolating.

Thing #4: Movies!

Like the items in the previous weeks, this too should come as no surprise to anyone. I love movies. I love how they work. I love how they’re made. I’ve spent time in front of the camera, behind it, and in the editing room. I love it all, down to the nuts and bolts.

So here – in no particular order – is what I’d recommend watching:

1. All Things Star Wars.

Now I’m going to engage in a bit of Loopholery here – which again, shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone – and sneak television into the mix here.

Not only do you have all nine movies, but, you’ve got the various television shows as well. There’s “Clone Wars” and “Rebels” and enough there that could take up several days if you didn’t bother to sleep, or take breaks to eat, etc. If you do all that, it could take weeks to make it through it all.

2. Mortal Engines.

This movie should have done much better in the theaters than it did. I really dug it – even after the fourth or fifth watching. This movie is a blast. I’ve referred to it as a kind of Steampunk Star Wars.

3. The Lord of the Rings Movies.

Here’s another set of movies that can easily take up a couple of days – less if you decide not to eat, sleep, get up and stretch, etc….all of which I recommend you do. I know a couple of folks that have already started a Lord of the Rings Marathon, and I’m just about on the cusp of one myself…again.

4. Raiders of the Lost Ark.

This one could be wrapped up in another series. There were three of them after all and–what? There was what? A crystal fridge? Well…I don’t know about that…

Anyway, yes there were multiple movies, but Raiders stands out Whip and Fedora above the rest. I still get a chill when Indiana flips open that book to show the Government guys a picture of the Ark. The music picks up and…just wow.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this movie (though it is less than Star Wars, but not by much) and it’s still entertaining.

To hell with Citizen Kane. pull up a seat, crack open a cold one, and let me tell you why I think Raiders is the best movie ever made…

5. Something completely off your radar.

Nope it’s not a movie title. What I’m suggesting that you do is browse. Pick something that you wouldn’t normally watch. You may surprise yourself.


This wraps up my Five Movie recommendations to keep you warm and take you away while in the safety of your own home.

I’ll see you on Thursday. Be Excellent to each other.


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