Dancing in your Car

Happy Sunday, Readers! If you happen to be reading this on a day other than Sunday, when this post went live, please insert whichever day it is for your own Timeline.

I want to talk to you today about something I saw earlier in the week that brought me a great deal of joy – and some things to think about. Here goes:

So I’m on my way into work, and I’m stopped at a light. I glance in my rear-view mirror at the car behind me and I see something which makes me take another look. A long look.

In the car behind me, there is a person who is absolutely ROCKING OUT to whatever it is that’s playing on their sound system. They were all in. Singing, arms moving, head turning, hair flying, and although I couldn’t see them, I would bet serious money that their free foot was tapping (at least tapping) to the beat.

To the extent that such a thing is possible, they were dancing in their car. I can picture them with almost crystal clarity. They could have been on a stage. Maybe subconsciously they were, and they were BLISSED OUT!

And it was so awesome to see. I smiled and said out loud, “Hell Yeah! Go on you!”

Author’s Note: I’m the only person in the car. My windows are up, there’s no way anyone nearby, let alone the subject of my exclamation could have possibly heard me, but I couldn’t keep it inside.

Even the memory of it, several days later, makes me smile.

It’s far too rare a thing to see someone so unapologetically present in the moment, so undeniably into what they’re doing. So caught up that they absolutely have to move.

It made me want to put whatever was playing in that vehicle into my ears immediately. It also made me feel like I’d stumbled onto something special, like I’d discovered a hidden bit of magic all too easily missed in the staticky burr of the day-to-day.

And as rare as it is to witness such a thing, it’s (for me at least) rarer still to experience such a thing.

Because we’re not looking for it, or we’re distracted, or we’re worried about being seen. Whatever the reason, we’re smothering or at the very least stifling a part of ourselves.

Being so distracted by the whirlwind of the world, is bad enough. More concerning is the latter half of that, where we’re stifling ourselves.

That’s a choice, and enough of the same choices turns into a habit

Have we (myself included) fallen into the habit of suppressing the things we enjoy?

That’s going to require some thought and a bit of examination. In the mean time, What am I going to do this week – something that I urge you to look into for yourself?

Find something that moves you, just as that person had been moved, turn it up, and absolutely revel in it. Lose yourself in it. Move as it moves you. Wherever you happen to be.

Dance in your car.

Thanks for reading. Be safe out there. Be Excellent to Each other – and yourself.

I’ll see you on Thursday.


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