A Little Does a Lot

I’d like to be able to write 2000 words a day.

This isn’t any knock against anyone who is currently doing so, it’s just not how my life is arranged at the minute. Could I write 2000 words a day, certainly – well, I’m pretty sure I could do it – but that would require neglecting things that I’m not in a position to neglect. There’s the day job, for instance, that is still a necessary thing.

I do what I can, when I can, and that practice has held me in good stead for a while now. The trick is to come to terms with the idea that you probably won’t ever have all the time you want to dedicate to a certain thing.

Rather than not doing anything, I’ve been getting a little bit done here and there and that adds up.

Thanks for reading. Be safe out there. Be Excellent to Each other – and yourself.

I’ll see you on Thursday.


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