Five-Thing Thursday: December 14th.

Welcome to another Installment of Five-Thing Thursday!

Here are Five Things that I want you to know:

Thing #1: Sometimes, going through the discography of a band that you’ve fallen out of touch with, musically, can bring some really delightful surprises. And, sometimes, you remember why said band fell out of the rotation.

Thing #2: Be more rigid in your goals, but be more fluid in how you get there.

Thing #3: I mentioned this last time but it bears repeating: Emma Newman is doing a Tea and Sanctuary Advent calendar, and I love it.

Thing #4: What’s playing on the Mental Jukebox today: Echo from the Past by Beyond the Black

Thing #5:┬áThere is a spider that lurks in a stairwell at dayjob. I haven’t seen them for a couple of days now and I fear that they’d upped their lurking game.


What am  I reading this week?

Furious Heaven by Kate Elliott

A Big Ship at the End of the Universe by Alex White

What am I looking forward to in the coming week?

I’m looking for ward to round two of the European Challenge Cup and Champions Cup Tournaments. The broadcasting rights to things like the English Premiereship tournament have shuffled hands and now require yet another subscription – which I’m not quite willing to pay for yet. Some of those teams are also in the European cups tournaments so I can watch them. I’m also looking forward to the beginning of about two weeks of time off from dayjob.


If you’ve read, and enjoyed any of my books, please consider leaving a review:

Crimson Whisper: A Wainwright and Holliday Adventure

Weird Wild West


Predators in Petticoats

Grease Monkeys

See you on Sunday!

Until then…

Be safe. Be Excellent to each other