Five-Thing Thursday: April 18th.

Welcome to another installment of Five-Thing Thursday!

Here are Five Things that I want you to know:

Thing #1: I have discovered that my “To Do” list is primarily made up of infinite things. Read, Write, New Language skills, 5-Thing Thursday posts. Stuff like that which will never have an actual end – unless I decide to stop doing those things.

Thing #2: Rest is part of the job

Thing #3: I find myself conflicted whenever the county grades the roads out here. On one hand, I can appreciate them filling in the holes to make the road less jarring when I’m driving. On the other hand, walking, jogging on those loose rocks are hard on the knees and ankles. And don’t get me started about the dust that passing vehicles kick up.

Thing #4: What is playing on the Mental Jukebox this week: A Fool’s Parade feat. Alex Yarmak by Within Temptation

Thing #5: Boundaries are not restrictions on other people. They are permission slips for you to say No.


What have I been reading in 2024?

The Worst of All Possible Worlds by Alex White

Wonderbook by Jeff Vandemere

A Cavern of Black Ice by J. V. Jones

What am I looking forward to this week?

I’m definitely looking forward to the warmer weather that’s in store for us. I’m actually going to have to mow the lawn probably this weekend and, I’m looking forward to that fresh-cut grass smell.

More Rugby on tap for the weekend as well, so I’m looking forward to that.


If you’ve read, and enjoyed any of my books, please consider leaving a review:

Crimson Whisper: A Wainwright and Holliday Adventure

Weird Wild West


Predators in Petticoats

Grease Monkeys

See you on Sunday!

Until then…

Be safe. Be Excellent to each other