Just Don’t

I don’t have much to say today which may be a good thing.

I woke up this morning to find three different stories coming at me from three different places depicting different kinds of ass-hattery and they all had one thing in common.

They all revolved around some guy not liking what some woman did.

There are tons of folks that can–and have–articulated the following sentiment much more succinctly than I’m about to, but the bombardment this morning pushed something beyond the tipping point.


Get. The. Fuck. Over. Yourselves.

We are not–and I’m going to use small words because we seem to need them–any better than girls cuz we are guys.

I hope the 2nd syllable in “Better” didn’t cause anyone too much trouble.

The problem is *Not* that there’s a woman lead in the newest Star Wars movie.

The problem is *Not* that there is going to be a female lead in the next Star Wars movie.

The Problem is *Not* that any woman anywhere:

  • Is strong
  • Is passionate
  • Is confident
  • Thinks that they should receive equal pay
  • Thinks that they should be able to wear whatever the hell they want
  • Doesn’t want to have sex with you
  • Is independent
  • Is–or is doing–anything else that you can’t handle, that you don’t think they should be doing because you‘re not fucking comfortable enough with yourself to be ok with it.

It’s not about you. 

The problem is you.

If you have to add “Sorry about the rudeness” to a post somewhere…you’re not
If you start off a post with “I respect you, but…” you don’t
If you feel the need to justify what you just sent on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever with “Just sayin'”…Maybe you shouldn’t have.

Just don’t.

If you feel the urge to whistle at a complete stranger–or anyone, really- because you think they need to know what you think about how they look, what they’re wearing, or anything, really…just don’t.

If you feel the urge to whine about how strong female characters in books, movies, television shows, or anything, really, is ruining the movie, series, season, or anything, really…just don’t.

If you feel the urge to bully, threaten, put down, make fun of a woman–or anyone, really– because they, by sheer coincidence, happen to like something you do and you feel threatened by that…just don’t.

You’re not better than anyone by virtue of whether or not they are:

  • The same sex as you.
  • The same religion as you.
  • The same sexual orientation as you.
  • The same color as you.
  • As physically strong as you.
  • The same anything, really as you.

And if you think that way…

Just Don’t.



Time: 12:46-ish
Music: Lacuna Coil – Our Truth






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  1. nicely stated!