Autumn People

“The world has changed. I feel it in the earth. I feel it in the water. I smell it in the air.*”

Autumn is coming.

What that means is kinda dependent on where you are. For me, Autumn looks like this:

(Click to fully fill your eyeballs)

Now I’m not saying that this is what I’ve got yet, but it’s coming. I can tell.

The leaves are just starting to turn. The days are still warm, but the evenings are cool. The deep night has a bit of a tooth’s edge to it, a reminder of what’s on the way.

I am an Autumn person.

Ok, that’s not completely true. I’m a Spring and Autumn person. As I grow older, I find that I like the onset of Summer and Winter, but there reaches a point where they become something that one has to endure. I don’t find that to be the case with Spring and Autumn.

Autumn is when I am the most…I’m going to call it restless.

Forget Spring-cleaning, I am most likely to do that sort of stuff when Autumn is in full bloom.

And it’s not just the house, or the yard. I want to scour everything, externally and internally.

It might be prepping for the long dark of winter. It might be some, distant, connection to the wheel of the year turning to a close**

It might be that this is the time when all of the pumpkin beers start coming out.

Whatever it is, it fills me with, not only, the urge to move, but also to sit and think about (and read) stories full of wonder and mystery, awe and magic***.

As you go about your day, maybe doing the same thing, or set of things you’ve done every Sunday for a while now, take a moment to stop and notice, really notice, the subtle and powerful turning of the season.

Then try something new and see where it takes you.

Time: 1:22 pm-ish

Music: Nightwish – Endless Forms Most Beautiful




*Treebeard – The Return of the King. This is a paraphrase. I won’t argue the merits of moving this line to the opening of the first movie, and giving it to Galadriel. I think they both work. ¬†Why Galadriel’s opening works is the subject of another post.

**Yes, I know what you’re thinking, but not everyone follows the same calendar.

***And a little bit of darkness, because that’s out there too.


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