Friday Fess-Up: April 13th

Happy Friday Everyone!

Here we are, a Friday the 13th Fess-up Post and I confess to being later than usual with this post because it’s been a week…and I’ve felt damn near every second of it.

OK, that’s not exactly fair. I did get some discouraging news on Monday, which I’ll go into (somewhat) greater detail on Sunday but, overall, it’s been a pretty positive week.

I’ve made my daily word counts, and Wednesday Night Write Club gets me a bit of padding for when the weekend rolls around and I’m lacking in motivation.

Otherwise, I’ve kept in Morpheus’s good graces this week and gotten the sleep I need to keep me going at 5:30 the next morning.

I do confess that I have a tendency to ruin all that come the weekend, and I end up starting all over on Monday, but this weekend, I’m going to see if I can change that.

Also, I’ve got my schedule for RavenCon¬†from April 20th to the 22nd. Check out the Events page to see when and where I’ll be. Stop by and say Hi.

Be sure to check out the Freebies page for story excerpts, and be sure to stop by Sunday for the usual weekly post.

Be safe Y’All.