Do Your Job

Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the weekend.

I know that some of you are participating in NaNoWriMo (For those of you that don’t know: That stands for National Novel Writing Month), and some of you aren’t.

And that’s ok, this post is for you too.

And, among those of you that are participating, there may be some of you that are feeling the pressure to hit word count, and there may be those of you that aren’t.

And that’s ok, this post is for you too.

At this time of year, when the focus is on word counts – perhaps disproportionally so – I would like to take some time and talk about the Writer’s Other Job:

Refilling the Creative Well.

If you’re like me, this job is one that finds itself on the back burner so often, it’s bought real estate there, but I would argue that it is equally as important as the job of getting the words down (or that revision done, etc.).

It also, in it’s own way is just as difficult as getting the words down. Now I know that there are some of you that read that line and are about to call “Bullshit” on me, but hear me out.

Of the ways that you can refill your Creative Well, Reading, Watching movies, Listening to Podcasts, and Playing games jump immediately to mind. All of them are enjoyable ways to pass the time.

And they can be done to the point where you’re procrastinating, putting off the work. And it’s hard to recognize this (assuming you aren’t in like the 12th hour of a marathon movie, or gaming session. By that point, it should be easy to tell.), and put stuff down, and get to work.

Keeping a balance takes constant effort.

So yes, you’re nearly halfway through this yearly writing sprint and, if you are, I encourage you to keep going.

Just take a break every now and again, to refill the Well. Recharge.

Being too busy driving to stop for gas will only get you so far.

Good Luck!



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I’ll see you again for the next Five-Thing Thursday!