A Gift to Myself: Part 2

Of all the times during the year that I tend to get introspective – There are more than you’d think, but not many – the two times that I really dig deep are my Birthday, and New Year’s Day.

This works out pretty well for me since those two days are nearly half a year apart.

And they are both kind of New Years, aren’t they?

Maybe not in function. If time is a construct (and it is) it’s in out best interest to have everybody on the same page.

But, certainly, in form.

Just like January first signifies the start of a new year, so does every birthday signal the start of a new year for that individual – as above, so below.

Think about it.

A week ago, I turned forty-nine. As of today, I’m not forty-nine and seven days (or 49 and 1/54th, if I’m trying to be clever). I haven’t counted even so much as half-years since I was ten (or was that Ten-and-a-half?).

As I write those words, a part of me feels like I’ve lost something. And, as I’m sitting here on a Thursday night, drafting this post until the last, possible minute before I’ve got to go to bed to keep on schedule for tomorrow…

I think, maybe, I have.

It’s been a long time since it mattered to me whether I was Ten, or Ten-and-a-half.

Somewhere between then and now, something changed.

Back then, Time didn’t have as much meaning as it does now. I had practically no schedule and more time on my hands than I knew what to do with.

Maybe you’ve heard that line about Youth being wasted on the Young…

Now-a-days, my week is so regimented that slipping too far off one thing will start to impact other things.

from there, a kind of cascade effect happens, that usually ends with me having to decide whether I’m sacrificing down time, or sleep, or writing.

Most often it’s down-time that takes the hit, and that’s not good. Sure, it’s better than sleep, or family, or writing taking the hit, but it’s not good.

That is one of the things I’m giving myself this “Year:”

The Gift of Time.

Over the next couple of months, I am going to take a serious look at how I’m spending my time. Am I doing things that matter to me? How much do I procrastinate? Could I be doing something else?

Now don’t get me wrong. This isn’t getting me a free pass from doing dishes, and other housework. Nor will it likely get me out of doing chores outside. What I’m hoping that it does, is point out to me places where I’m not using my time wisely.

If I can cut those out, and spread other things across multiple days (like the Blog, keeping ahead of Twitter, etc.), I might find myself with more time to relax and refill the well – or get caught up on sleep.

Naturally, this isn’t going to get done in a day, but I can get started today.

And we’ll see where that takes us.

See you on Thursday!


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