Wonder, and Wow…and Woah.

I’ve said it before, here on the Blog, that sometimes these posts are as much discussions with myself as they are between me and you, Reader

So I’d like to talk about something that I realized (again) recently, and will cyclically realize over the course of the seasons.

Consider the Blank Page, the Blank Canvass, the Silent Instrument. Consider whatever it is that you do at the very instant before you start doing it. Got it?


Now consider this: From this point, this instant in time, you can go ANYWHERE.

Sound like a daunting prospect? It should, but it’s also exciting. And liberating. You can follow whatever flight of fancy you desire and see where it takes you, because you’re doing it FOR YOU.

The first draft is always for you. It’s for you to find those moments of Wonder, and Wow…and Woah.

(You’ve got to read that last bit in Keanu Reeves’s voice to get the full effect)

In a similar vein, every moment in time is like that. Maybe you can’t go *anywhere* like you can on the page, canvass, or on the frets but you can steer the narrative of your life. You can find the Wonder, and Wow…and Woah (Again, go Keanu for the full effect) in the day to day stuff. It’s there if you look. See what happens when you change your perspective, look close, or try a different angle.

I’m composing this on a Sunday and tomorrow has for ages been saddled with the “Worst day of the week” reputation. Tomorrow, I’m going to change that.

I’m not going to let someone else define the narrative for me this time. Monday is out there and it’s got Wonder, and Wow, and Woah (By now it’s probably reflex, isn’t it) all its own and I’m going to find it.

Are you with me?

Thanks for reading.

Be safe out there. Be Excellent to Each other.

I’ll see you on Thursday.


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