Who Will I be Today?

This week – and it’s not just me that’s been feeling this – has been a bit of a slog. I don’t remember much about the past week. It seemed like one day blended into another and all the weight of time felt like it was growing as the week progressed.

The one thing I do remember was, on Thursday, asking myself a paraphrased version of the blog title.

A bit of Backstory: I had just finished chores and was thinking about going for a walk (Which I eventually did). It was pretty hot and humid in my neck of the woods (it still is), and I was also contemplating not going for a walk.

Right then, my mind fixed on the concept of Alternate “Me’s”

“There is a version of you,” I said to myself. “Where you did go for that walk. Alternatively, there is an instance where you didn’t. Who are you going to be today?”

The question came clear out of the blue and – I suspect – from deep within, and it’s been flitting through my mind every day since.

Who am I going to be today?

Am I going to be the guy who goes for a walk today?

Am I going to be the guy who gets distracted from his usual Sunday Blog post by reorganizing his music collection (Spoiler: Yeah, I was that guy this morning)?

The thing of it is, there are so many things that I could do (or not do) that I could list them for a year and a day and still not reach the end of all the possibilities and permutations.

Will I take a rest and allow my body to recover?

Am I in a place where I’ve got to take time out to recover?

Will I write today?

Will I spend the day refilling the well?

Will I do this?

Will I not do that?

We are creatures of habit and, for the most part, that serves us well. But sometimes we can slip into the ruts of routine we lose our grip on the idea that, we can – at any time – do something different.

Or – and this is, perhaps an even more important thing to remember – we can *Not* do something that has become routine, or habit.

So take some time this week to stop and look around you. Truly look around you. You’re not on this straight line, moving from one thing to another. The options are all around you – like a sphere. You can go in any direction. There are so many versions of future you. So many paths you can take from here.

Who will you be today?

Thanks for reading. Be safe out there. Be Excellent to Each other – and yourself.

I’ll see you on Thursday.


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