Sign Your Name on It

Ideas can come form anywhere. The idea for this post came from a rugby podcast I was listening to, earlier in the week.

Which Rugby Podcast, you ask? It was The Good, the Bad, and the Rugby podcast. You can find it here.

And it went like this:

One of the guests said, “When you hit a bloke, sign your name on his jersey, so that when he gets back up he says, ‘Ugh, I just got folded up by…'”

I heard that and thought to myself, “Self (which is what I call myself when it’s just the two of us) , that’s not a bad idea.”

Now I’m not talking about folding people up on a rugby pitch. Those days are long gone – if they ever existed, I was built for speed, not power.

What I am talking about is this:

Whatever it is that you do, put your own stamp on it. Do that thing in such a way, that everyone who experiences that thing has no doubt about who did it.

Make that point unassailable.

I know, I know. Like most things, this is much easier said than done. Maybe you don’t know what your signature looks like (or sounds like) yet. That’s ok. Keep working and, likely when you least expect it, you’ll discover it.

Maybe you’re finding that, as you’ve matured, your signature is changing – that’s ok too. Development is important.

Ultimately, the end goal is the same: Whatever that thing is, make it impossible to conclude that is anything other than completely, utterly, and unassailably yours.

Own it.

Do your thing.

Thanks for reading. Be safe out there. Be Excellent to Each other – and yourself.

I’ll see you on Thursday.


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