Random Raves!

I’m going to be trying something new on the blog and see if it gets any traction. I’m calling it Random Raves!

What is that you ask?

First, a bit of Backstory:

I’ve said countless times on the Blog here that Word of Mouth Sells Books. To Quote The Mandalorian: “This is the Way.”

And it occurred to me – and it might not be much of a surprise to many (any) of you that…there are other things I like in addition to books.

No kidding, right?

So I may have a passing affection for movies, music and Rugby – Just to name a few things.

So why am I not talking more about those things?

That’s where Random Raves! comes in.

These will be unscheduled Blog posts and tweets where I shout out – or completely Geek Out over – something that I like and I’ll use the Hashtag #RandomRaves!

So let me kick this off with the only scheduled #RandomRaves! post.

What gains this honor, you ask?

The Band: Seven Kingdoms

This group out of Florida has been on my “Jams” playlist for quite some time – AND – they’ve just released a new single off their upcoming album: “Zenith” Which is available for preorder Here.

The Single is called Universal Terrestrial and I have been listening to it on a loop for the entire time I’ve been composing this, and the day before that, and part of the day before that…

I am hooked and I cannot wait until June when the album (Which was completely funded via a Kickstarter campaign).

And I cannot help but #RandomRaves! about it. If you can, show the band some love, and go put this song in your ears – you’ll be glad you did!

Thanks for reading. Be safe out there. Be Excellent to Each other – and yourself.

I’ll see you on Thursday.


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