Five-Thing Thursday: March 30th.

Welcome to a Bonus Installment of Five-Thing Thursday!

Here are Five Things that I want you to know:

Thing #1: Music is Magic. The effect it can have on a mood, the way it can lift you up, energize you? You will never change my mind on this.

Thing #2: The Spring Peepers are BACK!!!

Thing #3: Here’s your yearly reminder: A Spring Peeper can “Peep” at up to 100 decibels. That is so cool.

Thing #4: What’s playing on the Mental Jukebox today: The Wolf You Feed by Nita Strauss Feat. Alissa White-Gluz

Thing #5: Spring is nigh. I can see it in the shoots of grass that are beginning to peek though the thatch in my front yard.


What am  I reading this week?

A Plunder of Souls by D B Jackson

Minimum Wage Magic by Rachel Aaron

How have I been relaxing and refilling the well?

The Women’s Six Nations Rugby Tournament kicked off Last Saturday. Go Red Roses!!


If you’ve read, and enjoyed any of my books, please consider leaving a review:

Weird Wild West


Predators in Petticoats

Chasing the Light

See you on Sunday!

Until then…

Be safe. Be Excellent to each other.