Shiny New Things

Let me clear a thing or two up from the get go. This isn’t an announcement post – though it does remind me that I’ve got some some things coming up that’ll require me to update the site and do some other admin things. Which is a perfect segue to the actual post.

I’ve been in a bit of a slump recently. A writing slump, that is. The thing is that it isn’t like I haven’t been doing writing-related things (See the note above regarding admin stuff that I’m going to need to spend some time on). Some of it has been part of the actual writing process, so if I’m being honest with myself, it isn’t much of a slump. I think it’s safer to say that the brain weasels are at it again, whispering that I’m less than because I haven’t been generating any new words.

And it’s true. I haven’t been. There’s been editing and review for other works – all writing – but it’s not new writing on the work in progress, which has been on hold this year longer than not.

And the times I have come back to it have been hard. I’ve slipped out of the story. I know I can find my way back in again, but it’s difficult. Worse, the brain weasels have moved in and couldn’t I just move onto that other shiny new thing over there?

Nice try brain weasels. Shiny new things are constantly popping up. It’s a cycle. If I drop the work in progress and start up something new, the first time the newness wears off, another shiny new thing will appear – as if on cue – to try and entice me to go in this direction. Why work on that old stinky thing when you can come over here and roll around in all the newness?

I really enjoy the newness of it, but bouncing from project to project – while it seems productive – doesn’t get anything finished. It’s like eating dessert for every meal. Certainly doable, but ultimately not good for you. Ironically, that, too, will lose it’s luster (Believe it or not). Eventually, you’ll get tired of the same old thing and those veggies will start to look appealing.

Author’s Note: This is not a knock on veggies. I love me some vegetables. The thing is that there’s a food metaphor going on here (it’s about lunch time) and I need to keep running with it.

Write. Keep Writing. Finish what you Write. Begin Writing Something New.

That’s the cycle you want to be on – yes, I know I neglected to mention stuff like editing, etc. but that’s all part of “Writing” for me, so I’m bundling it up in here.

That way you’ve got the work in front of you and something to look ahead to when you’re finished.

Speaking of finished…

Thanks for reading. Be safe out there. Be Excellent to Each other – and yourself.

I’ll see you on Thursday.


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