A Month of “Rest” Week Four

We’re now down to the last couple of days in my month of “Rest.” If you’re new to the blog (Welcome!) you can find my Week 1 post here.

I’d started off trying to turn July, which is also my birthday month, into a month of rest, making it an atypical month from the rest of the year so far. And July has finished off on an atypical note. This past week has seen storms roll through (We’d been without power for a couple of days), a couple of rescheduled Dr Appts and some travel.

You know, when I look back on the month as a whole, it doesn’t seem like it was all that restful on the surface. Now that I’m thinking about it, though, I suspect that most of the real effort was set in trying to climb out of the ruts that habit can put you in. And there’s different kinds of ruts. There’s the physical ones where it seems like you’re doing the same thing over and over day to day. Then there’s mental ruts where you’re doing more reacting (again in the same way, over and over) than you are acting on reaching your goals.

I’ve struggled with both this month – who hasn’t – but also looking back on the month as a whole I’m seeing that I’m approaching things a little differently. I’ve made adjustments, course corrections, in my attempt to eke a bit more rest out of the day to day.

I’m nowhere near there yet. There are still a few things that I need to Start working on here at the end of the month, but it’s a long road.

Speaking of which, there’s one right outside my window and it’s calling me to go for a walk.

Thanks for reading. Be safe out there. Be Excellent to Each other – and yourself.

I’ll see you on Thursday.


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