So you’ve all heard that saying that goes: “The only thing that is constant in life, is change.”

For my part, I believe this is a good thing, although it isn’t without cost. Again, for my part, I find that the price often comes in the form of comfort.

Something changes and, suddenly, things aren’t as they were. They’re different, and there’s a period of adjustment while you get used to the new “Normal.”

This winter has been one, big, cold, readjustment for me. The amount of stuff on my plate has increased, and I’m in a state of flux.

So, when change comes, you can do one of three things:

You can resist the change. Not all change is good after all.

You can accept the change, see it as an opportunity to explore and maybe do things differently. Maybe grow a bit.

Or…You can try and incorporate the change, while stubbornly maintaining your own, personal, status quo in spite of things.

Me, I’ve tried to juggle everything at once, and I’ve burnt myself out.

I was happy with the way things were going, and I figured that, if I could manage my time better, it would all work out.

Well, that didn’t work out so well. No matter how well you manage your time, life is still out there, and surprises await.

There will come a time where you’ve got to take stock of where you’re at and where you’re going. Based on those answers, you may have to cut back on the things that don’t do as much for you as they once did.

One time in the past, that was television. This time, it’s shelving an installment of the blog for the time being.

I’m not going to stop posting on Sundays, and I like the idea of the Five-Thing Thursday.

But, as I said on Friday, the Friday Fess-Up part of the blog wasn’t pulling it’s weight. I can put that time to better use.

Of course it’s too early to tell how much (if any) benefit I’m going to get from dropping from three posts a week to two. We’ll see how it goes. Part of it is developing an eye for spotting diminishing returns. Another part is going to require me to be a bit more selfish in that I’m going to articulate what it is that I want (to myself at least) and then do something about it.

Should make for an interesting 2019.

See you Thursday!


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