One Moment Please…

Well it sure has been a week, hasn’t it? I hope you’re all safe and well on your way to adjusting to the new normal. There’s been quite a bit of shake-up around the world lately and it’s had an effect on all our lives.

Myself, I’m working remotely until the turn of the month at least and yesterday was the first day I’d left the house in more than a few days.

What I’d like to talk about came to me while I was doing one of the few things that haven’t yet been impacted by everything going on out there in the world: Taking care of the critters.

I was listening to a rugby podcast while I was working (Which one you ask? The England Rugby Podcast: O2 Inside Line ) and during the episode there was discussion about dealing with anxiety. About how there’s this drive to be perfect all of the time, not only in the moment, but in the future as well.

As I listened, I started to see myself in parts of the discussion. Every now and again, the brain-weasels will come visit and, most of the time, it’s either about what’s gone on in the past, or it’s about what’s going to happen in the future and how I’m going to react to that, how I can control what hasn’t happened yet.

Certainly there’s a time and place for reflection and learning from not only mistakes, but from the times when I got it right. But the past, as they say, is history. I can’t change any of it. The best I can do is to take what I can and move on.

Also, certainly, there’s a time and a place to make plans for the future, but I can’t control what’s to come, from the here and now. The best I can do is to prepare, yet be flexible enough to adapt, if things change.

I’ll see you on Thursday. Be Excellent to each other.


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