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Writing and Music Part 2

When I wrote my first post about writing and music (which you can find here) I thought I had said all that I had to say on the subject. Yeah, right. Simply thinking that I was done should have let … Continue reading

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Just Don’t

I don’t have much to say today which may be a good thing. I woke up this morning to find three different stories coming at me from three different places depicting different kinds of ass-hattery and they all had one … Continue reading

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Writing and Music

What do I know about music? The short answer is: ┬áNot a hell of a lot. I know that there are 4 beats to a bar, and I know some chords as related to the guitar and that’s about it. … Continue reading

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How a Short Story is Born a.k.a: The Price of Power – What the Heck Happened?

Three days ago was the deadline for submitting my story to Faith Hunter’s* Rogue Mage anthology. I’m happy to say that I got it in ahead of schedule and under the maximum word count. But there were days where I … Continue reading

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